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Completion of Treatment

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Completion of Treatment


Objectives and Performance Targets:

 For patients with newly diagnosed TB for whom 12 months or less oftreatment is indicated, increase the proportion of patients who complete treatment within 12 months to 93.0%



 Low Incidence States


Medium Incidence States


High Incidence States



TN Treatment Initiation Database

This tool was created to answer the following questions for active TB cases: How many patients complete treatment with 12 months. Why was treatment stopped? If treatment was extended beyond 12 months, why? This tool requires quantitative analysis and ability to run reports from NEDSS and add formulas to an excel spreadsheet.  No additional training is needed.  Tennessee uses this tool weekly and does not plan to revise it.  If you have questions regarding this tool please contact Jason Cummins at Jason.Cummins@tn.gov



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