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TB Program Evaluation


 Network (TB PEN)





TB programs use program evaluation as a mechanism to reach the goal of TB elimination.



The mission of TB PEN is to develop and strengthen the capacity of state and local TB programs to monitor and evaluate their programs and use findings to enhance effectiveness of prevention and control activities.





TB ETN/PEN Conference

Atlanta, GA

September 21-24, 2020


This CDC webpage has more Conference details: https://www.cdc.gov/tb/education/tbetn/conference.htm 



TB PEN Focal Point Member Handbook


2018 ETN/PEN Conference Presentations




Useful Resources  















PEN Focal Point Call Schedule 

1st Wednesdays every other month - duration 1 hour - 11am PST; 2pm EST

(this page also includes presentation powerpoints and Focal Point call notes)



2018 TB PEN Steering Committee Members

(list of members with contact information)  


PEN Steering Committee Monthly Call Notes (includes a facilitator schedule)




NTIP Coordinating Committee



TB ETN/PEN Conference materials (conference is now held every other year)

 2011  2012   2014 2016 2018 2020



 (insert hyperlink to Conference materials)      




Please select the NTIP focus area you are interested in:



If you have a tool to submit, please fill out the brief Tool Explanation Form and send it along with your tool(s) to one of the Steering Committee members.



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